5 Pieces of Terrible Business Advice

From business leaders who should know better

Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

The richest man in the world goes with his gut

The king of solo consulting throws shade at business plans

Zuckerberg abdicates responsibility

Carnegie endorses first-mover advantage

Musk mistakes effort for productivity

A grain of salt

One of the defining characteristics of most advice, whether it comes from successful entrepreneurs, your parents, or your grocer, is that it tends to arise from the teller’s personal experience. Elon Musk tells you to work 100-hour weeks because that’s what worked for him. Alan Weiss tells you to eschew a business plan because it turned out he didn’t need one.

Former criminal defense counsel and prosecutor and current freelance writer. Writing on entrepreneurship and freelance success. Follow me at @steventoews.

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